Nursery FAQs

We have a list of frequently asked questions and answers below, to help you with your enquiry. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us on +44(0)1252 728457


Are all imago photographers DBS checked?

Yes, all our photographers have been DBS checked.

How far will you travel?

We have photographers based all around the country, so we can cater for your needs wherever you may be. Please contact us for details.

Can parents bring in other children external to the nursery?

Yes. If we have sufficient time, we are happy to photograph siblings as long as appointments have been pre-arranged. We advise siblings are brought in first as we cannot predict how long a nursery shoot will last.

Who owns the copyright on the photos?

Imago Portrait Studios Ltd owns the copyright. Photographs may not be copied, published or reproduced in any form without our written permission, in accordance with the 1988 Copyright Act. However, if the image is bought in digital format, we grant a licence to the purchaser to print the image as many times as he/she likes.

Who do we contact if we have a problem?

Your first point of contact is our Head Office, based in Farnham. Our telephone number is 01252 728457 and our email address is From there we can put you in touch with your customer services manager, our office manager, or you can also speak to your photographer if you wish.

Shoot types

What type of shoots do you provide?

We offer a variety of styles to cater for any shoot – we can do individual studio-style shoots (usually with a white backdrop) and individual natural light shoots (inside or outside). We also cater for graduations, leaver shoots, ‘Fun Days’ (i.e. if you have a petting zoo or party), family days and promotional shoots. If you have a specific request please call us.

Do you take promotional images and videos?

Yes, we offer substantially discounted rates for our nursery clients on all promotional images and videos. We can create a marketing video to help get your message across and a virtual tour video to showcase your nursery. We are also able to provide a wide range of promotional images to meet every nursery’s requirements. Whether you need images of the nursery building itself or staff interacting with the nursery children, we can help you promote your nursery on your website or in a brochure. Promotional images are available as prints, digital images or even a funky canvas for the nursery walls – whatever you are looking for!

Dependant on the number of children, we can either take promotional images on the same day as an individual shoot, or as a separate shoot. Please call us for further information.

Please Visit our Sister Site ImagoVideos to find out more and have a look at some vidoes:
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Do you take staff images?

Yes. We provide a set of staff images per year at no cost, whether they are in printed or digital format. We produce these in colour as a default or black & white if requested. A group staff image is also available by request - a fee may apply.


How do we work out the timings of a shoot?

A few days before the shoot, your photographer will contact you to introduce him/herself and go through the day’s schedule to ensure you are both aware of what to expect from the day.

We usually advise that any siblings external to your nursery are brought in first and that pre-prep children are photographed during younger children’s sleep times.

To give you an idea of timings, for a studio-style shoot we can normally photograph 60-70 children in a day. If using natural light we can photograph between 70-80 children in one day.

Do you provide promotional material for your shoots?

We will provide you with posters & flyers for you to distribute to your parents, approximately three weeks before your shoot.

Viewing and delivery

How long before the parents can view the images?

Images are normally available on our website 2 to 3 weeks after the shoot takes place.

How can we view the images?

All images will be available on our secure password website and parents will be given a unique password which they can then use to log on. If parents do not wish their child’s images to be on our website, we can provide a hard-copy contact sheet for them.

How long before orders are delivered?

We provide one free delivery of physical products to the nursery. This will be approximately 3 weeks after your cut-off date. The cut-off date is normally 2 weeks after the images have been made available. A faster delivery option is available, but this would incur a charge. Any orders placed after the cut off date will still be processed but a postage & packaging charge will be applied. Again, the delivery date will be approximately 3 weeks after the order has been placed. Digital images ordered via download are usually delivered the same day but in busy periods can take up to 5 working days.

What happens if you cannot settle a child?

Our photographers have many years experience working with children – but we know that children can be unpredictable! If the photographer cannot settle the child, we will make a note on the provided register, and ensure a staff member is aware. We will always try and come back to that child later on in the day. If we are unable to take any images of the child then we will require the nursery manager to sign off our paperwork indicating they are aware of the situation.

What do we need to provide before the shoot?

The most important thing we require is a list or register of all the children’s names, preferably a digital version. This is used for the purpose of naming the images (which saves you having to identify each batch) and will not be used for any other purpose.

We will also ask for a list of email addresses for the parents where they have consented. We will then be able to send them their secure password which will allow them to view their images online as soon as they are available.

If you are having a studio-style shoot, then our photographers will need a room allocated in which to assemble our studio backdrop.

On the day Cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Please ensure your children are presented to our photographers with clean faces. Parents do not like seeing their children with unclean faces! Our photographers are not allowed to take photographs of children that are not clean.


What kind of payment can we expect to receive?

We have several options for payment as we know each nursery has very different needs!

Some choose to have promotional images for their website, or some fun images of their children to put up at the nursery. Another option is payment by cheque, either a percentage of the net revenue received by us, or an amount per child photographed. Our customer service team will be happy to talk you through the various options to ensure the agreement is suitable.

Do you give discounts for images taken of staff members' children?

Yes, we give very generous discounts. We do require that you identify staff members' children so that we can apply the discount at the time of purchase.

Clothes and makeup tips

What do you advise staff to wear?

The majority of nurseries have a staff uniform – we would advise that on the day clean uniforms are available (we know how mucky working with children can be!).

Block colours work best, and we also advise against white clothes, especially for a studio-style shoot. Patterned or fussy clothing will detract from the image, so please keep it simple.

Makeup tips for staff?

When working with children we know you don’t have time to put on the full works! But if you have a chance, we would say that a good matte foundation will help with shiny skin (especially under studio lights), and a sweep of loose blusher or bronzer on the cheek apples can help lift tired or washed out skin.


We like to ensure every client receives our highest standard of service, please see our terms & conditions for further information.

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